MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) – Fuyao Glass America President John Gauthier is responding after several of Fuyao’s workers filed complaints with OSHA.

According to OSHA, the worker complaint detailed 30 safety issues, including fire hazards, electrocution risks, and lacerations to the hands and fingers. But, Gauthier says management didn’t learn of any of these alleged issues until they were reported in the media. That’s why he says good communication between the worker and the supervisor is the key to staying safe.

“We want to make sure our employees are as safe as they can be,” Gauthier said. “We also want to encourage our employees to bring these type of concerns to their supervisor.”

And by reporting these issues, Fuyao Glass America President John Gauthier says safety managers can immediately take action to fix the problem.

“Safety is not a one day thing,” Gauthier said. “Safety is a way of life in a manufacturing operation like this so no it’s not changing our attitude it’s not changing anything about our priorities. Our priority has always been that safety is number one.”

Fuyao would not answer specific questions about the alleged safety issues. However, they did tell us just this month, the company hired Environmental Health and Safety Manager John Crane–who previously worked for OSHA.

Crane says his main job is keeping an open line of communication between him and his other employees.

“Open communication is the key,” Crane said. “In the week that I’ve been here and the days I’ve been on sight my goal has been to interact with everyone I can, to work across all three shifts here at the workplace, and just to make sure that people are comfortable here, that they’re comfortable talking to me, and if they have immediate needs, I try to address those needs immediately.”

Currently, none of the workers at Fuyao are a part of the Union Of Autoworkers, but Gauthier says this might have been a way to get them to join.

We reached out to OSHA and the Union of Autoworkers about this story, but have yet to get a response.