FRANKLIN, Ohio (WDTN) — When you attend a Franklin High School football game–you’ll notice an extra sticker on each Wildcat player’s helmet.

The sticker reads “Wildcat Crazy, JW”.

Trenten Scott, a senior football player, says James Meadows was their number one fan.

“He was wildcat football. He was there every game. Almost every sport. He loves his Wildcats.”

Players, coaches and fans could all hear him coming.

“He always had this specialty horn. Right when he blew that you knew who it was,” said Noah Kremer.

Meadows started out with the program in the late 1980’s as a manager.

His passion and dedication quickly shifted to cheering in the stands. He was the super-fan.

“He called every player that he could get their phone number and call them on Thursday night and say hey we’re going to beat Miamisburg,” Head Coach Brad Childers said.

For nearly 30 years–he was woven into the fabric of a team.

“Yeah, I miss him. Definitely,” Scott said.

“You lose a guy like that, a guy with that much importance to a program or school. It was tough.”

Meadows passed away in April. His voice. His passion. His phrase lives on.

“He started a phrase Wildcat Crazy. And our kids know what it means.”

“The community comes out, supports as much as they can. And just goes crazy.”

Each player wearing a sticker–with Meadows legacy.

“Now we have somebody to play for. We all play for each other. But now there’s somebody bigger than the program. That’s James Meadows as big of a fan as he was.”