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Congressman Mike Turner catches up with the district on Five on 2

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Congressman Mike Turner sat down with 2 NEWS Wednesday to discuss a foster care bill he’s involved with, as well as his trip overseas and what the new funding for Wright-Patt means for the Dayton area.

Turner’s Foster Care Housing bill will provide transitional assistance for those who age out of the foster care system.

“This really is an injustice,” said Turner. “Our foster care system provides assistance for those in foster care until they're eighteen and after that, they're on their own. There's no transitional assistance to them, and we know they're going to be aging out. Thirty-seven percent of all the people who are in foster care from eighteen to twenty-four experience homelessness during their period of transition.”

When it comes to the new funding for Wright-Patterson, Turner says it’s a big win for the economy.

He said, “There's been other, numerous, construction projects but this is the largest single one with NASIC’s expansion that makes certain for years to come, they're going to be instrumental for intelligence for the Air Force.”

Turner considers himself a skeptic when it comes to North Korea and is concerned about the country’s nuclear missile capability in spite of “warming” relations with South Korea.

“This is a threat, and the fact that the President has put crippling sanctions on North Korea, bolstered our military presence in South Korea and put pressure on China at the same time is exactly what has brought them to the table,” he said.

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