DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) This winter’s cold weather is having an unexpected boost in business for at least one specialty shop. With the cloudy, cold and snowy days many of us may be experiencing cabin fever.

To combat the winter blues indoor projects like sewing and knitting are becoming more popular.

We stopped by Sew Dayton in the Oregon District and found business picks up during the winter months. Co Owners Jesy Anderson and Tracy McElfresh have been in business for two and a half years and notice a spike this time of year.

They say people are looking to try something new and stay busy.

“It’s kind of like food when it’s going to snow you go and buy groceries when it snows most of us have to have a project,” says Tracy McElfresh co-owner.

Jesy Anderson co-owner says, “With the weather being cold and snowy it’s nice to get out cabin fever learn a new craft.  And sewing is a good one.”

People can come in and take classes no matter what their skill level.  There are private or group classes.  Most of the time people are just looking for something to do in a community environment.

“It’s a wonderful feeling is tangible we don’t make a lot of things anymore so there’s a feeling of satisfaction. I come in here and have something to take home with me. It feels good,” Linda Mace-Thomas explained.