FARMERSVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — Her age might be in the triple digits, but she is still as sharp as ever.

Miami Valley native, Goldie McIntosh, is turning 102 years old. She celebrated this milestone with more than 100 family members and friends at Farmersville United Methodist Church on Sunday.

“She’s an amazing woman,” Mike, her son, said.

Goldie lived an incredible life. She raised four children and now she watches her eight grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, and five great great grandchildren grow up. Despite being over 100, she stays busy.

“I take care of my house, I do my own cooking, washing, everything,” Goldie said.

While Goldie credits her longevity to her faith, she does have some advice for those looking to live as long as she has.

“Don’t drink, don’t smoke…that’s the main thing. And go to church. That’s it,” Goldie said.