KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) –  The family of the man shot by Kettering Police during a traffic stop has hired an attorney to represent the family concerning the circumstances of Jason Hoops’ death.

The family through their attorney is calling for the Kettering Police Department to turn over the criminal and internal investigations to independent third parties.

The family’s attorney, Konrad Kircher, said in a written release the Kettering Police Department “cannot conduct a neutral, object and credible investigation of its own officer and has already revealed its bias.”

Kircher pointed to what he called the “hasty securing of an alleged statement from a  purported acquaintance of Jason to the effect that Jason was seeking to harm police officers” could not have been known when Hoops was shot. Kircher calls this a clear indication that the KPD investigation is not objective but is intended to justify Officer McCoy’s actions.

Kircher also takes issue with the fact the Kettering officers do not wear body cameras.

Kircher says in a written statement there are several questions that arise from dash camera video released Friday. Those questions include inconsistent commands from McCoy to Hoops and why Hoops was again ordered to put his hands up after shots had been fired,

Another question posed by the attorney is why Officer McCoy reached into the car Hoops was in and pointed to expert testimony in the Ray Tensing trail about police training in this type of situation.

The incident started as a traffic stop for failing to signal while switching lanes but escalated after police say 33-year-old Jason Hoops ignored multiple warnings to keep his hands away from a gun tucked inside his front right pocket.

Dash camera video shows Officer Johnathan McCoy firing a total of nine shots. The video of the encounter was released Friday.READ MORE: Fatal police shooting caught on dash camera

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