DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – For the states 1.6 million public school students, many educational leaders say this new two year school funding plan through the state’s $75 billion budget is helpful.

“The budget that was passed by the legislature this week includes a formula as part of that effort. That Fair School Funding Plan passed by the house, which we believe sets a path for giving our kids really what they need,” said Scott DiMauro, president of the Ohio Education Association.

While educators are pleased to see any form of school funding, Daniel Schall, treasurer for Kettering Kettering City School District, said they qualify for much more money than the states new plan allows.

“Under the formula, Kettering will qualify for over $14 million more than state funding. Over the next two years that increase is $1.7 million the first year and $1.8 million the second,” said Schall.

Schall said due to a lack of funds, the district had to reach out to tax payers to make up for it. “We have had to repeatedly ask our tax payers to step up and pay.”

DiMaruo said the hope is for the state to see the need within Ohio’s public schools, and make this funding permanent.

“We know that we have a lot of work to do with treasurers, with superintendents, with parents, with advocates across the state to keep the pressure on the legislature to not let this be a one time forward but something that’s going to be sustainable for the future of Ohio,” said DiMauro.

Along with many other things, the state’s new budget will also allow $250 million for broadband expansion in Ohio. Currently 300,000 homes and one million Ohioans are without proper broadband access.