DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An Oregon District shop has been selling “DeWine is Watching” signs with a portion of the proceeds going to a nonprofit.

“We’re usually getting attention for our loud mouths or our funny chalk board signs,” says Tailor Curtis, the Social Media Manager for Heart Mercantile.

Eyes have been on Heart Mercantile for a different reason. The “DeWine is Watching” signs have been creating quite a buzz.

“The idea behind the sign is that DeWine is always watching,” explains Curtis.

The signs first started popping up in the latter half of 2020 southwest of Toledo after the governor laid out restrictions for gatherings in Ohio.

“We saw a post go viral of a man in Maumee, Ohio. He made these signs with DeWine’s face on them,” says Curtis.

That’s when the Oregon District business got the idea to print some of their own and sell them.

“We did not know that DeWine’s face would be paying our bills,” laughs Curtis.

The signs are $12 a piece with two dollars from each sale going to the non-profit, Project iAm. The organization raises money and awareness for those affected by autism.  

“The original guy who put them out in Maumee saw our Facebook post, and we got in touch with him,” says Curtis. “We wanted to do something in his honor, so we asked him which charity he would want us to donate to.”

Curtis says Project iAm is an organization that is close to the original sign creator’s heart.

Heart Mercantile has raised more than $3,000 for Project iAm through more than 1,500 sign sales.

The store has shipped signs to cities all over Ohio, to other states, and even to the governor’s own office.

“We had somebody purchase a sign and put his office as the shipping address. So you know, I wrote him a nice postcard. ‘Greetings from Dayton,’ and sent him his own face,” smiles DeWine.

The shop says they didn’t hear back from him after the delivery, but their focus is just helping a good cause.

Heart Mercantile is still selling signs in the store and on the website.