IRONTON, OH (WOWK) — If you want to gauge the mood of voters in Ohio, there’s no better place than the bustling Friday farmer’s market in Ironton, along the Ohio River. People buying things tell us one issue rises to the top.

“The inflation is very bad. The economy is very bad,” said voter Helen Medley.

“The economy. And to borrow a line from a previous president, ‘It’s the economy, stupid,'” said voter Danny Harbison.

Whether it’s the prices at the gas pump or prices in the grocery store, Ohio U.S. Senate candidates Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican JD Vance say they get it.

“We have to rebuild the great American middle class. Ohio has always led the way,” said Rep. Tim Ryan, (D) Ohio U.S. Senate Nominee.

“Ohioans deserve certain things from their federal leadership. They deserve to go to the grocery store and be able to afford food,” said J.D. Vance, (R) Ohio U.S. Senate Nominee.

But there are other issues troubling voters. One is concern about the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade and legal abortions.

“I think that reproductive rights are important, and I think that in a free country, that people have the right to live according to their beliefs not other people’s beliefs,” said voter Abby Fowler.

Tim Ryan says he, too, supports abortion rights, while JD Vance opposes abortion but with limited exceptions. Meanwhile other voters are concerned about the shutdown of natural gas pipelines in Appalachians states, including Ohio. They say it drives inflation.

“Our economy is based on energy. And we need to be able to be in somewhat type of control,” said voter Craig Williams.

The latest polls in Ohio show the race is a statistical tie.

“I am a fan of Tim Ryan’s,” said Fowler.

“Yes, I am picking Vance,” said Williams.

Last minute undecided voters could control the final outcome.

With the current U.S. Senate tied at 50 to 50, the Ohio Senate race could indeed be the one that tips the balance of power and determines which party ultimately controls the Senate in Washington, DC.