Spring is a busy time for high school students. Between sports, prom and graduation it’s a jam-packed few months.

But at Brookville High School, one group of students is focused on a cause that’s much bigger than themselves: Fighting cancer.

“My mom has had ovarian and thyroid cancer in the past year,” says Relay for Life student volunteer, Abby Edds. “So I just want to help make a difference because of her.”

Edds and her mother, Amy, are just one of the many Brookville families touched by cancer. And they’re just one of the families “Relay for Life” students are working hard to lift up.

“They have been a great support and they always– you know– recognize me every year,” Amy Edds said. “And it’s an honor for me to come out and support them.”

Brookville students recently held their Relay For Life walk, but their efforts don’t stop there. They regularly pack care packages for cancer patients and deliver them to local hospitals.

They also host a “Say Yes to the Dress” shop, selling gently used formal dresses at a deep discount.

“We had a young girl come in; she’s getting married,” said student volunteer, Jenna Wissinger. “She really wanted to find a dress that would fit her budget. So we got in the white section and we ended up finding her wedding dress. She tried it on and it was the first one she found.”

“It’s really cool to see the experience of working with somebody and see them so happy to find a dress that’s perfect for their event,” said student volunteer Mya Hurst.

All the money raised from the shop goes to the American Cancer Society.

It’s a cause that’s personal for Hurst.

After her great grandma’s cancer diagnosis, Hurst’s family learned they carry a gene that puts them at risk for reproductive cancers.

“It’s just been kind of more of a focal point for us to watch out for that stuff, and be sure we were getting checkups since the gene is prominent,” Hurst said

Fighting cancer one step, one care package, and one dress at a time.

If you’d like to help out their efforts by donating a formal dress to the “Say Yes to the Dress” shop, reach out to organizers by contacting Jenni Phillips at (937) 833-6761 or emailing her at phillipsj@brookvilleschools.org

Jenni says they’re specifically looking for dresses in sizes 14 and up.

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