DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Public Schools released a statement Wednesday about the incident involving a bus driver and a student was first to tell you about Tuesday.

Superintendent Rhonda Corr said:

“The incident involving the driver and students onboard school bus #50 on Monday, May 1, 2017, is under investigation. District administrators and security staff are currently gathering facts and information from all parties involved. As a result, we are not releasing the video that was recorded on the bus on Monday, May 1, at this time. Currently, the bus driver, Mr. Demetrius Williams, is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.”

A confrontation between a school bus driver and a student lead to police being called Monday.

According to a police report on the incident, police were called after a student on a school bus was yelled at by a bus driver. Police met with the student and his parents, who said the student had called his father from the bus saying the bus driver tried to take his phone from him and was yelling at him and calling him names.

The student also said the driver was pointing his finger in his face and pulled him from his seat in the rear of the bus and made him sit up front.

The father also said the driver said to him over the phone to “meet me at the bus stop.”

The father went to the bus stop and told police when the bus arrived, driven by Demetrius Williams, the bus stopped but Williams did not let the student or his siblings get off the bus, according to a police report.

The father of the student then followed the bus to the next stop, telling officers he was worried because of the call he got from his son. The father then told police he cut the bus off forcing it to stop. He went to the bus door but Williams refused to open it. The report says the father and the son then started kicking at the door but the door would not open. The father then went to the emergency exit at the rear of the bus, opened it and got his children off the bus.

Police learned the Williams was still at the school and went there to speak with him. When they arrived they met with the Associate Director of Transportation, who told them Williams was filling out a statement about the incident and there was video and audio from the bus that police could view.

Officers spoke with Williams who told them there was no altercation but when he tried to get the phone from the student, the juvenile began to yell at and hit the bus driver. Willimas said he did not call the student names or yell at him.

Police reviewed the video from the bus and discover the student had told the truth. Police were unable to see if the driver physically grabbed the student because there was no video of that portion. The officer who wrote the report noted there was no video because the bus had been turned off, noting this was the only time that was so.

The video police did see shows the driver yelling at the student and calling him names, continuing to do so as he drove the bus.

According to the report, Williams still denied calling the student names. Williams was placed on administrative leave by transportation officials.

Dayton Public Schools confirm to 2 NEWS Wiliams is a DPS driver and has been with the district since August 2016. He has no prior incidents on his record and is on paid administrative leave while the investigation into this incident is conducted.

The bus was transporting Riverside students at the time.

2 NEWS is will continue to follow this story and keep you updated as more information is available.