DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton Police are continuing to piece together a shooting at Miami Valley Hospital Wednesday.

Maj. Brian Johns with DPD said 30-year-old Brian Booth shot and killed 78-year-old Darrell Holderman, a security guard with Merchants Security Service. Maj. Johns said Booth was taken to the hospital because he was showing symptoms of detoxing. He and Holderman were then places in a private room in the Emergency Department.

Maj. Johns said they believe Booth was able to get out of his handcuffs and overtake Holderman before leaving the room.

“Our victim was struck in the back of the neck with one round and it was clear there was large struggle that took place in the room. He had numerous, several skull fractures, wounds to both the front and back to his head, and some lacerations on his hands and fist where he was fighting back,” Maj. Johns explained.

They still do not know how Booth got out of his handcuffs, but they do confirm he was handcuffed before the shooting.

“We do know from a nurse that 30 minutes before this happened he was handcuffed and secured. There was a handcuff on the actual bed rail and there were leg shackles on the floor and they were taken off, and there was a handcuff key in the shackles,”

Maj. Johns said surveillance footage from the hallways was alarming to watch as Booth walked through the hospital pointing the gun at people.

“It appears from the video he is trying to find his way out of there and he is pointing guns at the people until he actually finds the exit and he comes out kind of like right there where you walk in the emergency room waiting area and there’s police officers there from Miami Valley and there’s workers, there’s civilians, and he’s point the gun at everybody,” Maj. Johns said.

Major Johns added Booth did not have a history of violence. He was facing a probation violation for a burglary charge.