DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dollar General has reached a settlement with the state of Ohio in a lawsuit filed over instances of overcharging at the company’s stores.

“I’m glad to see Dollar General pay up for their breach of their customers’ trust,” said Karl Keith, Montgomery County auditor. “We supported the state’s litigation by providing them with evidence of overcharging from our pricing inspections here in Montgomery County.”

In Montgomery County, 22 of the retailer’s 32 locations failed inspections during the auditor’s price verification sweep in November 2022. After that, 13 stores failed a second time and six failed three times in a row before the end of 2022.

“We’ve seen great improvements in pricing accuracy at Dollar General locations this year as a result of the intense scrutiny we put on them last winter,” said Keith.

Keith’s office shared in 2023, only six Dollar General locations have failed the auditor’s inspections. Most locations that failed have passed during follow-up inspections. Only one Dollar General has failed more than three times in a row.

“We will continue to make sure the price you see in the aisle is the price you pay at the register,” said Keith.

According to Keith, the purpose of the Weights and Measures program is to assure that equity prevails in the marketplace for both buyer and seller. The auditor’s staff inspects over 5,000 gas pumps, tests more than 2,000 scales, and performs scanning tests on over 18,000 items at more than 340 retailers each year.

Annual winter inspections will begin soon in Montgomery County.