DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – At the corner of Stewart and Brown streets near the University of Dayton, a police cruiser pulled off to the side of the road. An officer from the Dayton International Airport exited the driver’s side. With him was a dog, sniffing cars along the procession route for Dayton Detective Jorge Del Rio following his funeral on Tuesday, Nov. 12, which took place at UD Arena.

Even during a funeral for a fellow officer, area police are still vigilant, even in mourning.

Standing a few feet away were Gage and Jordan, residents of Dayton. Neither provided last names to 2 NEWS. Gage works for the Montgomery County Jail, Jordan is his girlfriend. The two were cold but both said they wouldn’t miss the procession.

“We wanted to honor a local hero,” Gage said. “Even though we are a different department, it’s hit everyone a little hard.”

University of Dayton students Taylor and Ashton waited half an hour down Brown Street by Holy Angels Church for the procession. Neither would provide their last names.

The two women are friends from Springboro. Taylor said her dad works for the Kettering police.

“It’s sad for any family to go through this,” Taylor said. “They have to worry about just going to work.”

Both UD students said Del Rio’s death put the job police do in perspective.

“Imagine going to work and you know you may not go home,” Ashton said. “They’re just trying to save other lives and (his) life was taken. It’s sad.”

At the intersection of Wyoming and Brown streets, employees from several restaurants and Miami Valley Hospital gathered at the corner. A Dayton Fire Department truck was lined by the road. Officers from the fire department stood, along with employees from the hospital and several businesses, making a group of over 50.

The procession drove past as an officer from the Springfield Police Department stopped traffic. He left his vehicle and gave a salute as Del Rio’s hearse drove past. Officers in the procession waved to those standing on sidewalks honoring Del Rio.

The procession ended at Tobias Funeral Home on Far Hills Ave. in Kettering.