WASHINGTON TWP., Ohio (WDTN) – Dozens of people lined the streets, despite the cold to pay their respects and honor Detective Jorge Del Rio following his funeral.

The procession of hundreds of law enforcement vehicles ended at Tobias Funeral Home where Del Rio’s loved ones had a private moment after the day’s ceremonies.

Procession viewers explained why supporting the memorials for Del Rio was so important and how they tried to help.

“I just wanted to come out and pay my respects because that’s what you do in a ‘blue line’ family. No matter who is hurt or who is stricken with grief or anything you stick together. You go to the hospital, you give food. It’s just a family, a brotherhood that I don’t think many people understand,” said Courtney, who came to watch the procession and pay her respects.

“This affects all the families in the police department and fire department. [Any person] who sends anybody to work every day who may get shot or killed has to deal with this,” said Dr. James Apesos.

Apesos’s medical practice is located across the street from the funeral home and he closed his office early in order to help those coming to view the procession.

“We’ve closed our offices this afternoon. Our staff is upset about the shooting. We know that the funeral parlor needs some space so we’re giving up our parking lot for everyone who wants to park on this side of the street. It’s not a problem for us. That’s really all we can do right now,” said Apesos.