DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Leaders met for their first city commission meeting since bidding farewell to Dayton Police Detective Jorge Del Rio.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley began Wednesday’s meeting thanking the community for the outpouring of love and support.

She says it’s been a trying year — from the tornadoes, to the mass shooting, to now a detective’s death. The focus now, she says, is helping the community heal.

“I know, too, that Daytonians are exhausted as I am with the pain that we’ve seen this year,” recognizes the Mayor.

A day after the final send off for Dayton Police Detective Jorge Del Rio, leaders began with a moment of silence for the fallen hero.

“I’m super, super grateful for the community for the support they’ve given to the Dayton Police Department and the Del Rio family during this time,” says Mayor Whaley.

Chief Richard Biehl sat front and center at the meeting like usual, but this time with undoubtedly a heavier heart.

One by one, commissioners each took a moment to reflect on Tuesday’s services for their brother in blue.

“There are always those who are running towards danger, protecting others,” states Jeffrey Mims.

“Trying times for all of us,” admits a tearful Christopher Shaw. “Look out for one another.”

“It was a fitting send off for a hero,” says Matt Joseph.

“Integrity, devotion, duty, honor compassion,” lists Darryl Fairchild. “Sitting through the service for Detective Del Rio… is a life that embodied those values.”

While Detective Del Rio’s bravery and service are top of mind, attention now shifts to mending and strengthening a city stained by bloodshed.

“Hopefully this will make us stronger like other things have also,” says Joseph.