DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – RiverScape MetroPark was packed Saturday night with people excited to watch the City of Dayton’s fireworks display after going a year without them.

Organizers said they expected to see thousands of people come out to Lights In Flight Festival to enjoy the food, music and fireworks show.

“It’s good to be out of the house and amongst people again,” Dayton resident Chiquita Blanton said.

The city of dayton youth services and recreation department was given the go-ahead to hold the festival just several weeks before it was slated to happen.

“We’re looking forward to it, we finally got the O.K. maybe 6 to 8 weeks ago to do an event, so we’re thrilled to be out here with everybody back at a live event,” Nick Terbay with the City of Dayton Youth Services and Recreation Department said.

In that short timeframe, they assembled a 20 minute fireworks show and a lineup of local vendors.

Jerlynne Lauderdale with D-Fish D-Chicken Food Truck said that after a year with few festivals, food vendors rely on events like these.

“A lot of us are retired. use this food truck, or associations, whatever, to make money, or money on the side,” Lauderdale said. “When you buy a lot of food stuff, stock up for an event, it’s real disappointing when they cancel or we can’t do it, so it’s important.”

Others were just ready to see a Fourth of July tradition return to Dayton.

“I enjoy coming down here and seeing friends that I haven’t seen in years,” Blanton said. “I enjoy the breeze, the fireworks, all the different foods.”

Event organizers said this year’s fireworks display is smaller than in the past due to supply. They plan to bring back the full-scale show next year.