The last time Dayton saw measurable snow was before the official start to winter. On Dec. 7, 0.1 inches of snow was recorded and 0.2 inches came on Dec. 8.

In a month where we expect to see 4.8 inches of snow only 0.3 inches fell over two days. 2021 ranks as the fifth least snowiest December.

This year we saw more rain than snow during a very mild December.

Dayton saw 4.49 inches of rain ranking at the ninth wettest December on record.

A warm and wet pattern is expected during a La Nina Winter.

A cold snap is still possible. One dip in the jet stream and the Arctic air will be in the Maimi Valley. If the moisture is there when the arctic air is, we can still end up with high snowfall totals.

El Nino Southern Oscillation records are kept dating back to 1950. Since then Dayton has recorded above-normal snowfall during a La Nina Winter 71% of the time. At least a trace of snow has been reported in April 80% of the time.

Since 1950, Dayton has recorded less than an inch of Snow in December 10 times. Three years saw above-normal snowfall for the year. Two of those years were during a La Nina Winter. Only one La Nina Winter produced low snow in December and low snow for the year.

At least a trace of snow was reported in April six of the 10 years with low December snowfall. Only one of those years was during a La Nina Winter.

Overall Dayton tends to see the most snow in January.

The normal snowfall total between July 1 and Dec. 31 is 5.8 inches. This year we were at 0.8 inches of snow. Based on data starting when nly four years saw less snow at this point in the winter.

In 1979 we were at 0.6 inches heading into January. The season ended with a total about average at 24.9 inches.

The latest 30 year average between 1990 and 2020 is 25 inches. The other three years were well below normal. In 2015 we had 0.2 inches by Jan 1. and 12.7 inches for the year. 1982 ended with 5.5 inches and started with 0.4 inches by Jan. 1. In 2001 snowfall reached a total of 6.1 inches with 0.5 inches by Jan 1.

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