DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — We’re less than two weeks out from the 2023 Dayton Air Show, but as anyone who’s dealt with an airport knows or visited the Air Show in the past, you need to plan ahead.

When is the 2023 Dayton Air Show?

This year’s event, the Dayton Air Show, will take place July 22-23 at the Dayton International Airport. It’s a week earlier than the event in 2022, but about two weeks later than the 2021 show.

The 2020 event was canceled, as was nearly everything else that spring and summer, due to the COVID-19.

What is traffic to and parking at the 2023 Dayton Air Show like?

Bad, but they’re hoping less so this year.

To keep traffic from backing up on I-75, the Northwoods Boulevard exit will be a three-lane access point. Will it help?

As far as parking goes, there will be six lots available, but four of them are meant for specific crowds:

  • Handicap parking lot
  • VIP parking lot
  • C-lot parking lot (for volunteers, air crew, and vendors)
  • Media parking lot (for media, and Photo Pit/Tour ticket purchasers)

Most people will be concerned with the two other parking lots:

  • General admission parking lot: On the east side of North Dixie Drive. Passenger cars will cost $15, while RVs and buses will cost $25. You need to purchase your parking pass in advance as it won’t be sold at the lot.
  • P-lot parking lot (for Chalet, Flight Line Hangar and Pavilion ticket holders): Shuttles will run you from the lot just off West National Road (U.S. 40) to the seating area, so walking is prohibited. You will need to either print your parking pass at home or download it to your cellphone to use the P-Lot as you will have to show it to parking officials.

What does an air show normally feature?

Air shows present a mixture of aircraft, from small propeller stunt jets and acrobat fliers to state of the art jets. The schedule’s highlight is normally a squad of military precision fliers such as the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds or U.S. Navy Blue Angels. You can also expect to see squads of precision skydivers conducting maneuvers in the air during freefall.

What is the lineup for the Dayton Air Show?

The headliner for the 2023 show is scheduled to be the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, while the U.S. Golden Army paratrooper squad will open the show. The U.S. Navy will be represented by an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet. (While not one of the same planes, you may recognize the Super Hornet model from its role in last year’s “Top Gun: Maverick.”)

Civilian-wise, a Vietnam War-era MIG-17 will show off why the Russian jet was one of the U.S.’ greatest foes during the Cold War. A stunt helicopter that an air show sponsor claims is the only one capable of aerobatics will do things you would think were impossible outside of “Blue Thunder.”

Kirby Chambliss will pilot an energy drink-sponsored plane, and a skydiving team will top 100 mph during their jumps with their wingsuits.

If you’d rather focus on the ground instead of the sky, there will be a number of aircraft for you to inspect, including an CMV-22 Osprey and the iconic B-52.

Check out a full list of performers, the full schedule and map of the airport during the show.

How much are tickets for the Dayton Air Show?

Online until Friday, July 14:

  • Adult (12-59): $29 + fee
  • Senior (60 & up): $25 + fee
  • Youth (6-11): $25 + fee
  • Kids (5 & under): Free

Online starting Saturday, July 15, and at the gate on the day of the event:

  • Adult: $35 + fee
  • Senior: $25 + fee
  • Youth: $25 + fee
  • Kids: Free

At Dayton and Cincinnati-area Kroger locations:

  • Adult: $26
  • Senior: $21
  • Youth: $21
  • Kids: Free

Your Kroger receipt serves as your ticket, so don’t throw it out. It will be collected at the Main Gate.

There are also various packages and options. Click here to learn more.