VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) — Day one of the Dayton Air Show took flight over the Miami Valley Saturday.

Some people traveled hours to experience the sights, sounds and jet fuel smells, and see the Blue Angels fly.

“Oh my gosh, it’s very emotional,” Rachel Daniels from Columbus said. “Everyone should come see it at least once.”

With the nice weather for the first day of the Air Show, people packed the fields surrounding the runway to see planes, jets and aircraft of all kinds.

“I brought my boys out today, they’ve never been here, this is their first time here, it’s mind-blowing for both of them,” Greg Garrison from Northern Kentucky said.

12-year-old Colin Weaver and his mom made the 6 hour drive from Buffalo New York just to check out the Air Show and Air Force Museum.

“I’m a big aviation fanatic, I’m also an aviation photographer,” Weaver said.

Weaver, who says his love for aircraft started at age two, said while he’s seen plenty flight demonstrations, there were new ones he was excited to capture with his camera, which he shares on social media under the name “Bison Aviation.”

“It’s my first time at the Dayton Air Show, very excited to watch the Blue Angels, the F-18 Super Hornets,” Weaver said.

Along with a full lineup of flights, performances and demonstrations, there were exhibits for people to learn more about aircraft and even a simulation to try flying one.

“I flew a helicopter,” Paker Long said after trying out the flight simulator– fully dressed in an Air Force flight suit.

“He’s been, of course, the Top Gun mania, like everybody else,” Parker’s father Michael Long said. “He put on his flight suit, come out, check it out, flew in the Huey over there, took a flight, that was pretty awesome wasn’t it buddy?”

Visitors said it makes for as day people won’t forget, and even brings people back year after year.

“Both being veterans and being on the Air Force Base again, that’s nice,” Air Force veteran Joe Ashley said. “Just seeing some of the old equipment we used to work on, that’s pretty cool.”