YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (WDTN) — Dave Chappelle’s restaurant and comedy club is officially moving forward in Yellow Springs after the village’s planning commission unanimously approved plans for construction.

After two years in the works Dave Chappelle told 2 NEWS’ Kiona Dyches that he’s excited that things are moving forward. Meanwhile, village officials said the club would add to their plans of becoming an attractive community to grow and start new businesses.

“We love seeing new things in town and it’s a great fit for us,” said Brian Housh, the council president for the Village of Yellow Springs.

“You have a new business that attracts a new clientele, and a new type of service so that I think is complementary to what already exists in the village,” said Jose Salmeron, the village manager.

On Tuesday, Chappelle’s planned restaurant and comedy club received formal approval from the Yellow Springs planning commission. The plan is to turn a former Miami Township fire station into a restaurant called “The Firehouse” and a comedy club called “Live from YS.” The goal is to give local talent access to a national stage.

During the commission meeting Chappelle said, “If we do this thing I’m telling you that all the greats will come. They’re very excited about it and they all – many of whom have been here from last summer and previous times – enamored with Yellow Springs. This is a culture that I think they would be very invested in preserving.”

Preliminary plans indicate that the restaurant would be open everyday until 10 p.m. and the comedy club would have shows for up to 140 people four days a week, between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.

“It’s an amazingly great use of the space that’s there. The bottom line is we don’t want to be forced out of our house, obviously, we’ve been here for 30 years, and we’re very very concerned about parking and traffic issues,” said Bette Kelley, who lives across from the firehouse. “I think it’s a very good idea not only for economic impact but what Dave has said about helping young performers on their way up,” she added.

The village manager says there’s a plan in place to address any concerns that may come up in regards to parking and noise complaints.

“The village has got a certain vibe. We’re a creative community. To remain thriving, we’ve got to constantly think about how we change and serve our citizens. We also have to think about things our visitors can enjoy about our community,” Housh said.