DALLAS, Tex. (Media General) — Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, along with Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, briefly addressed members of the media in the early hours of Friday morning. Brown focused on the efforts of the officers to bring in a fourth suspect and updates on the previous three.

Rawlings spoke more about the state of the city, “This is still an active crime scene,” Rawlings continued, “and we are determining now how big that crime scene is.”

Once the size of the crime scene is determined, Rawlings is asking residents who work in downtown Dallas to avoid the area. He said updates will be posted on dallascitynews.net in regards to if buildings would be even open to work in Friday.

“We’ve got to support our police force and [let] them do their job, and to make sure that we get to the bottom and the root cause of all this,” said Rawlings.

“It is a heartbreaking morning.”

Rawlings then shifted his focus to express his appreciation for the work the officers in Dallas, “To say that our police officers put their lives on the line every day is no hyperbole,” Rawlings continued after getting noticeably choked up, “ladies and gentlemen, it’s a reality.”

Before opening the floor for questions Rawlings addressed the need for unity at this time, “We as a city, we as country, must come together, lock arms, and heal the wounds that we all feel from time to time. Words matter, leadership matters at this time. I’m proud of our chief.”

As of this writing, 5 officers have died and 6 others injured by at least two snipers at a protest rally march Thursday evening.