SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WDTN) — The Springboro Police Department has been keeping a close eye on the community, as thefts from unlocked vehicles and vehicle thefts continue to be an issue around the area.

On social media, Springboro Police announced three juveniles were apprehended after accused of being in the Brookside subdivision. The three juveniles are suspected of going through several vehicles that remained unlocked.

“One of our midnight officers found the suspects and after a short pursuit, apprehended all three,” Springboro Police said.

With the increase of law enforcement patrols in the area, the recovery of a stolen vehicle took place by authorities on Oct. 12. The person involved in the theft of the stolen vehicle allegedly was involved in numerous others during the prior weekend.

“We are pleased to report that our officers have arrested multiple suspects in the last two weeks that are involved in these crimes,” the police department says.

You should always make sure your vehicles, doors, windows and home is securely locked up at all hours of the day and night. Never leave your vehicle keys, house keys, garage door opener or anything valuable inside of your vehicle when you are not inside of it.

Police say multiple groups are behind the ongoing crime, so you should still be aware and take precautions.

If you suspect your vehicle has been rummaged through or is stolen, you should immediately contact Springboro Police at 937-748-0611. Springboro police asks anyone with security footage that could help the department to call police as well.