KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – Three more people have been arrested after mail was stolen once again from a Kettering post office.

According to the police report, a Kettering police officer was watching the post office at 1490 Forrer Blvd. when he saw a black car drive around the back of the building and slow down near the drop boxes outside. The officer said the driver then spotted him and continued driving out of the parking lot.

The officer saw the car had expired registration and pulled the driver over.

It became apparent that the plates on the man’s car did not belong to him. The driver said he had just picked up the car from the junkyard, but it did not have plates, so he took the plates from another car in the junkyard, saying it belonged to his buddy.

The officer explained that it seemed suspicious to slow down near the post office drop boxes at 12:30 in the morning, before leaving at the sight of a police car.

The driver said he was only looking for a place to turn around before driving home. The officer then asked to search the vehicle. Another officer on the scene said both the sight of mail in the car and the smell of marijuana prompted the search.

The driver agreed and he and his two passengers left the vehicle. According to police, officers found a bottle of weed in the console and a scale under the driver’s seat. They also found multiple pieces of mail and a check with names that did not match anyone in the car at the time.

Later information showed that a mailbox at the Stroop post office had been broken into that same night.

All three members were arrested, police said. The driver and one passenger were brought to the Kettering Police Department. The second passenger was brought to the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention center.