DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – One suspect has been arrested after police say he stole briefcases containing thousands of dollars in cash after a coin show.

According to a police report, a man was driving from a coin show when he discovered he had a flat tire, so he pulled into the Speedway at 2150 E. Dorothy Lane in Kettering. While he was inside the shop, the victim said a man tried to get his attention and distract him from the vehicle, which had several thousands of dollars of cash held in briefcases that he was transporting from the coin show.

The victim told officers he realized the flat tire may be a setup, so he looked out the Speedway window and saw a suspect running from his car before getting into another vehicle and leaving the scene. When the victim went back to his car, the cash and the suitcases were gone.

Officers investigated a vehicle and found a tire deflation device stuck in the flat tire.

The police report states that a witness was following the suspect’s vehicle, which eventually parked in the Subby’s parking lot on East Stroop Road. Officers found the vehicle but the driver had already fled the scene.

With the help of witnesses, officers were able to locate the suspect and he was soon arrested. Officers found the victim’s briefcases in the back of the suspect’s vehicle and, after processing them as evidence, returned them to the victim.

The suspect was arrested under a felony theft offense. He is currently being held at the Kettering jail.

Police believe there were other suspects involved in the theft, but they have not been located at this time.