MILAN, Ohio (WJW) – It’s been 54 years since three people were killed inside their Milan home. It was a violent attack on two parents and their 12-year-old daughter.

“It’s a sad, sad tragedy,” said Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth. “You had just about an entire family wiped out.”

On April 1, 1968, 41-year-old William Cassidy, his wife Ann, 37, and their 12-year-old daughter, Patricia, were attacked.

William and Ann were shot and killed while sleeping in their bed. Patricia was severely beaten and died days later in the hospital.

Sigsworth said the couple’s son, Michael, who was 17, at the time, was at his job cleaning a local bar. When he returned home from work, he made the horrific discovery.

Michael fled from the home and went to his girlfriend’s house and police were called.

The sheriff said the case file shows Michael was interviewed about the deaths and took a polygraph test which he passed. He later moved out of the state.  

“There were other people that were looked at too,” the sheriff said. “There is information in the file that there  were some other people they looked at, but no one was ever arrested.”

Many people still remember the case and officials still get tips on it every once in a while.

 “I think a lot of people in the area are aware of this case,” Sigsworth said. “Maybe someone has some information they never discussed with us. Whether they think it will help or not, we would like to talk to them. It may be very valuable information we could use to perhaps bring closure, not only for the family left behind but the community as a whole.”