DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The man accused of killing four in Butler Township in August has been indicted on several charges, making him eligible to face the death penalty.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck Jr., Marlow was indicted on 12 counts of murder, 8 counts of burglary, and one count each of tampering with evidence and having weapons while under disability. These charges, along with other specifications make Marlow eligible for the death penalty.

“If there was any death penalty case, any facts or circumstances that cried out for the death penalty, this would be one that did,” Heck said.

The death penalty has not been brought up in Montgomery County since May of 2017 when a woman shot two of her children in the head.

According to police, Marlow allegedly walked through two homes on Hardwicke Place on August 5 and shot four people: 82-year-old Clyde Knox, 78-year-old Eva Knox, 41-year-old Sarah Anderson and her 15-year-old daughter Kayla. Marlow then fled the scene.

“It’s something that I wish no one would ever have to go through,” Heck said. “We cannot imagine the pain and the suffering that these families are going through right now.”

Officers searched Marlow’s home and found evidence including a typed manifesto in which Marlow allegedly states he believed his neighbors were terrorists engaged in mind control.

He was later arrested on August 6 in Lawrence, Kansas, and extradited to Ohio on August 17. He is currently being held in the Montgomery County jail on a $10,000,000 bond.

“We want to thank the partner agencies that assisted us and to bring the case to this point. We still have a long way to go, but we’re glad that we’re at a point where the families can now start to see some type of resolution,” Butler Township Police Department Chief John Porter said.

Heck said he expects Marlow’s attorney will file motions for competency or serious mental illness before this case heads to trial. 2 NEWS did reach out to Marlow’s attorney for a comment.