SMITH TOWNSHIP (WKBN) — An Ohio woman pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony charge of endangering children.

Elizabeth Warner, 27, entered the plea Tuesday in Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas Judge Anthony D’Apolito’s court.

Police arrested Warner in February after her 1-year-old daughter was treated for a fentanyl overdose.

Police said Warner and Corey Douglas, 32, took the girl to the police station because she was overdosing.

According to a police report, the girl had blue lips and a faint pulse when she was checked by a township police officer who also administered the opiate antidote naloxone.

The girl was eventually transferred to the main campus of Akron Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Reports said Douglas and Warner told police they thought the girl had got into an old bottle of painkillers that were prescribed when Warner had a tooth pulled.

The couple were staying in an RV in the 12000 block of Johnson Road and said they had recently moved and the bottle may have gotten mixed up with other items or dropped during the move, reports said. However, police were told by the hospital that a blood test showed the girl had fentanyl in her system, reports said.

A presentencing investigation has been ordered for Warner, and a sentencing date hasn’t been set yet.

Douglas’s case is still pending in the courts, with his next hearing set for July 13.