CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) — A Cincinnati woman has been indicted following the death of her infant son nearly a year after she reportedly did the same with another child.

According to NBC affiliate WLWT, the 6-week-old child died on June 22 as a result of co-sleeping with his mother, Brooke Hunter. She has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter and child endangering charges and could face up to 11 years in prison.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office said Hunter had another 6-week-old child who died from co-sleeping “almost exactly one year prior.”

The prosecutor’s office said that Hunter was advised of the dangers of co-sleeping at the time and as a result of the warning, the coroner ruled this most recent death a homicide.

“Because of the prior incident, the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office ruled the second child’s death a homicide,” the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Co-sleeping refers to sleeping in the same bed or close by in the same room with one’s child, said WLWT.

According to Montgomery County, nearly one baby dies each month due to unsafe sleep practices within the county.

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