DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A man has been charged with murder after police say he was seen running from the apartment after his girlfriend was shot and killed.

According to court documents, Jamie King called 911 on Saturday, April 15 claiming his girlfriend had been shot and he couldn’t get into their Urbana apartment. Officers responded to the apartment on the 100 block of South Main Street and found King standing outside.

Two officers entered the home while a third stayed outside with King.

According to court documents, the door to the apartment was unlocked

.When officers entered the home, they found a woman slumped against the kitchen wall, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Medics arrived and they pronounced the woman to be dead on the scene.

Later in the investigation, video footage showed both King and the woman entering the apartment hallway, with King allegedly running out less than a minute later. Records show King did not call 911 until nearly 15 minutes after leaving the apartment. A gun was also found in the home by the front door

Officers brought King in for questioning, but King refused to say what had happened. He then requested a lawyer. Investigators then obtained a search warrant for King’s DNA and clothing. They also ran a report on King’s criminal history and found he had previously been convicted of multiple felonies, including Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill. This means King should not have been in possession of a firearm.

At this time, King is now facing one charge of Murder and one charge of Having Weapons While Under Disability. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment at the Champaign County Municipal Court.

He was initially being held on a 501,000 bond, which was later increased to $1 million.