XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) — The man accused of attempting to kidnap a child from a Xenia school open house tried to escape from police a second time.

Reid Duran, 35, appeared in the Greene County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday, September 7, and was arraigned for the indictment of Felonious Assault (F1), Attempted Kidnapping (F2) and Escape (F2).

The Xenia Police Division reported that following the arraignment, Duran was sitting on the bench at the book-in area where officers collected his fingerprint, photograph and DNA when he tried to escape.

Duran was quickly placed back on the bench, Xenia police said, and he will not be charged with Escape (F2) for this incident.

Duran was then transported back to the Greene County Jail.

The Greene County Prosecutor’s Office said that a bond hearing was also held on Wednesday. He will remain in custody on no bond, pending a written decision from the state.

According to the Xenia Police Department, on August 22 Duran walked into the St. Brigid School in Xenia during an open house event, claiming to be the parent of one of the children there. Duran went voluntarily with police to the Justice Center for questioning after raising school staff suspicion.

Video from the incident shows Duran sitting in the interview room. Video shows him reaching for a pen and then lunging at the officer sitting behind him.

After being taken to the Greene County Jail, Xenia police reported Duran made “concerning comments,” including that he intended to seriously hurt the officer he tried to stab and that he was at the open house to kidnap one of the children.