XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – 911 calls have been released, giving a deeper look into what tipped Xenia school staff off about a potential kidnapper.

According to the Xenia Police Department, 35-year-old Reid Duran walked into the St. Brigid School in Xenia during an Open House event on Monday, claiming to be the parent of one of the children there.

St. Brigid School Principal Terry Adkins told 2 NEWS he was the first to see Duran enter the school and noticed something was off. Adkins said he immediately called the police when the child’s real parents entered the building.

You can listen to the call in the player below.

“I know almost everybody here except for the brand new parents,” Adkins said. “That’s the only reason he got as far as he did, but I was very aware, and made sure he was who he said he was.”

In the 911 calls, Adkins calmly explains that Duran was claiming to be a parent when he clearly was not.

Dispatch: How do we know that he is not a parent?

Adkins: Because now I’m questioning him and he’s giving me names that is not a daughter, we have nobody here by that name. He gave us a different name, and now he’s changing names.

911 Call

Adkins then explains that the parent of the kid Duran was speaking to was becoming angry, and you can hear what appears to be the parent questioning Duran in the background.

Dispatch: Is that the parent?

Adkins: Yes.

Dispatch: Is he able to just separate, that way we can kindof keep it peaceful? We’ll have an officer go and speak with him.

911 Call

After officers responded, Duran agreed to go back to the Justice Center for further questioning, during which he attempted to stab an officer with a pen before admitting he planned to kidnap a child from the open house.

Duran is now being held at the Greene County Jail on charges of attempted kidnapping, felonious assault, and escape.