WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man accused in a bizarre burglary of S’mores cereal plead guilty Friday, November 5, and was placed on probation.

Matthew Chillion was given a six-year probated sentence for burglary and a three-year probated sentence for possession of a controlled substance.

Both arrests came in June when police said a woman on Elizabeth Avenue told them Chillion came into her house and took some S’mores cereal from a cabinet and left.

A witness told officers she saw a man go into a garage behind a house in the 1600 block of Elizabeth. Police searched for the man but did not find him.

The witness called officers again later and said she saw the man coming out of a door of the house with some food in his hands with the resident pushing him out.

On the second search, officers said they found Chillion on the porch of another house on Elizabeth with cereal scattered all around him. He refused to answer any questions but kept screaming “I’m sorry!”

The victim of the cereal theft said when he walked in, she asked him what he was doing, and he walked past her into the kitchen, opened a cabinet and grabbed a cup, then filled it with S’mores cereal and left.

Officers said when Chillion was searched at the jail, a bag of meth was discovered.