DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A man from Dayton has been sentenced to prison after a fraud scheme.

According to a release, 44-year-old Daryl Harrison was sentenced on Wednesday in US District Court to the statutory maximum of 240 months in prison. Harrison is said to have had aliases, such as Prince Daryl R. Attipoe and Prophet Daryl R. Attipoe.

The man from Dayton was found guilty on 10 counts counts of various federal fraud crimes in September 2022, following a jury trial. He is said to have defrauded at minimum, 14 people, amounting to over $800,000. Additionally, Harrison was convicted of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and witness tampering.

The release says court documents and trial testimony ranging from January 2014 to September 2020 show the 44-year-old is said to have defrauded individuals who believed they were investing in African mining and trucking companies, the release says. Harrison contacted prospective investors at area locations of Starbucks, IHOP, Kroger, car washes and fitness centers.

During the interaction between the 44-year-old and the interested investor, Harrison is said to have identified himself as a royal prince from the African nation of Ghana. He is also said to have told companies they could expect an investment return percentage rate of 28 to 33 percent.

Harrison plus his stepfather allegedly said they were ministers with Power House of Prayer Ministries, which sponsored religious services across southwest Ohio and Parker, Colorado. The release says the investors contacted were members within the religious community.

According to the release, Harrison reportedly withdrew thousands of dollars from the Ministries band accounts after receiving the investments, which led Harrison and his stepfather to use the money to rent a Colorado house, purchase luxury vehicles, airplane tickets, hotel accommodations and rental cars.