COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Columbus police are in the middle of four separate homicide investigations that began Saturday.

In total – there were five homicide victims in a 48-hour period.

Columbus Police Cmd. Mark Denner said the department has two suspects in custody from this weekend’s incidents.

One is from an incident on South Champion Avenue and the other was from an incident on Belmore Drive, and both suspects have been charged with murder.

But in the other investigations, the department is still looking for the public’s help. Denner said the department is constantly looking at ways to make Columbus safer.

“We talk and try to find ways that we can be proactive in measures, so I think it’s a two-fold system, one we are trying to investigate and hold those individuals responsible, but we also try to find other ways to prevent and eliminate those situations from happening,” he said.

Denner said they are still investigating incidents at Great Southern Shopping Center and Sullivan Avenue. He hopes that with the public’s help and his detectives’ work, they’ll be able to solve the crime.