CLEVELAND (WJW) – Nearly 3 years after Larry Manno was beaten so severely he later died from his injuries, the man charged in his death was sentenced.

Manno, 74, was at work at his landscaping business he operated on Buckeye Road in Cleveland for nearly 50 years in September of 2019.

Larry Manno

Investigators say Sedrick Hawkins attacked and robbed him.

Sedrick Hawkins

Manno suffered life-threatening injuries and died a month later. Hawkins remained on the run until October of 2020.

Hawkins, 26, pleaded guilty to one count of murder and one count of aggravated burglary.

His defense argued that Hawkins had no prior adult felony convictions.

“He has never been a violent man,” his attorney told the court.

“Although the offenses for which he has plead guilty are very, very sad, they are outside of his character,” she argued.

She said Manno had hired Hawkins to do odd jobs, and that he didn’t remember that he owed the suspect money.

She says that’s when a struggle took place. Manno suffered life-threatening injuries.

“I want to apologize for this whole situation. I wish it never occurred,” Hawkins told the court.

Larry Manno had just celebrated his 44th anniversary with his wife before his death.

“This man is a monster,” Patti Manno cried when she spoke to the court. “What he did to my husband was the most inhumane act in the world. He busted his ribs, 11 ribs. He fractured his skull, his sternum, collapsed his lungs, and we had to watch him die in the hospital.”

Manno’s brother Don also gave a victim’s impact statement.

“I would like to see him put away for his long as possible. He needs to sit in a cell and think about what he did. He beat a 75-year-old man senseless,” Don Manno said.

“He should not have gone out in such a way,” Judge Michael Russo told Hawkins during the sentencing about Manno’s brutal death.

He sentenced Hawkins to 15 years to life for the charge of murder.

He would be on parole with a violent offender specification if he is released. He was sentenced to 8 years on the burglary charge that will be concurrent.

Hawkins was also ordered to pay restitution to the Manno family for Larry Manno’s medical bills and funeral expenses.