MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – A new neighborhood housing division is being developed in Miami Township.

According to Miami Township Director of Community Development, Alex Carlson, the new neighborhood addition is called Rivendell and Corridor Development Company, LLC. will be handling the construction of the new development.

The plan for Rivendell is 82 single-family homes.

Fox Run Road will be extended into the new division and will attach to the Northern side of the development at Rosecliff Place. Additional roads will end in cul-de-sacs.

Carlson says this new single-family subdivision will be the first built in the township since the early 2000s.

Initial road paving for section one of the development is planned to begin in November.

“The remainder of section one is expected to be completed sometime midway through 2023 and individual homes will be built as individual homebuyers come forward to create those plans, they’re customizable homes per homebuyer,” Carlson says.

When asked about the financial cost to Township residents for the project, Carlson says Miami Township will have jurisdiction over the public roadway and right of way for maintenance, which is standard for all township single-family subdivisions.

“This project was reviewed with the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office and their traffic capacity authority and their study of the additional traffic that would be generated by the subdivision,” Carlson said.

“They felt in their opinion that the roadway network certainly had the capacity to handle the additional traffic and there would be a like-type additional traffic, single-family, which is the majority of what surrounds the new development.”

The Rivendell project was approved on January 11, 2022 by the Miami Township Board of Trustees. Carlson says Miami Township staff is monitoring the active progress of the development and ensuring all standards and requirements are being met throughout the process.

If you are a Miami Township resident and have any questions regarding the Rivendell project, you can contact Alex Carlson or his office by calling (937) 433-3426.