DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A huge column of smoke could be seen for miles following a fire at Franklin Iron and Metal on East First St. in Dayton on Monday.

Cpt. Brad French with the Dayton Fire Department said both firefighters and employees at Franklin Iron worked for hours to put out the flames.

“Our initial crews were able to knock down some of the fire with their heavy streams. Ultimately, the Franklin Iron and Metal personnel got involved with some of their heavy equipment, and assisted with pulling that debris pile apart so we could get final suppression,” Cpt. French said.

The smoke hung low throughout east Dayton neighborhoods, sparking concerns of potential hazardous fumes. Cpt. French said the Dayton Fire Department was in contact with the Ohio EPA and the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency. They all determined there was no immediate risk to the community.

“Essentially, it was a large trash fire that involved a lot of the different metal and debris they have on the site there. But nothing that triggered a more broad environmental response,” Cpt. French explained.

Crews were able to put out the fire before midnight Monday. Cpt. French said there are still no health concerns for the people living nearby now that the smoke cleared.

“This was certainly a nuisance to that area as far as the air quality went there for a little while, but that oftentimes happens with fires. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary in comparison to a large house fire or some other large outside trash fire. So the inconvenience is certainly there, but there were no immediate environmental concerns,” Cpt. French said.

Franklin Iron and Metal was back open on Tuesday.