ENON, Ohio (WDTN) – A long-time Enon and Mad River Township emergency dispatcher lost her home in a tragic fire over the weekend.

Everyone got out and is okay, but the home is almost a complete loss.

Janet’s father, Edgar Snoddy says the community hasn’t left their side.

“When we got home the other evening there was a bucket on the front porch with a knight gown, slippers..,” said Snoddy.

That bucket of supplies was left by family friend and neighbor, Jayne Leonard, who lost her home in a fire 11 years ago.

“I didn’t have nothing. I didn’t have clothes to wear the next day. I didn’t have a nightgown. I didn’t have deodorant,” said Leonard.

Leonard says the feelings that come with losing everything are hard to swallow.

“You kind of just go into shock, you really do. You can’t think of what to do next.”

The family isn’t sure what to do next, but they are together and that’s all Edgar needs.

“Janet, my daughter and her mother and me are nervous I would say. We dearly appreciate all that they have done so far.”I’m sure that there will be support if we should ask for it.”

The Enon Fire department has set up a GoFundMe me account to help the family through this difficult time.

Police tell us that after they secured some recovered property from the home, someone stole it and they are asking for anyone with information to call Mad River Township dispatch.