BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) – A community comes together to donate more than ever before.

Two hundred and eighty-three teddy bears were made Friday, all to give to kids at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

A light shining on the reason for the season. “It’s normally not this crazy.”

Callista Hess and her family have been coordinating Bears-4-Children for nine years.

It all began when she and her twin brother.. were in the hospital.

“A middle school group donated a bunch of bears and he got a stuffed monkey” A seemingly simple gift that’s multiplied.

“She wanted to start this, and pay it forward.”

The bears coming out of hibernation.. are being stuffed. Washed and named all going to a good home.

“We were excited to know that it’s just for a good cause and to help the kids that are in need,” said Lilly Leopard who donated bears.

Home is where the heart is. “We got a zebra, and a Rudolph and a gold Rudolph.” The more than 200 bears made the journey to Dayton Children’s Hospital. To give to kids in the emergency room this holiday season.

“I liked when we were naming it and stuffing it,” said Danielle Bondurant who also donated bears.

Bondurant is a mom of four and she says the decision for her family to donate 11 stuffed animals was easy.

“How I would feel, or my kids would feel if they had to be in the hospital at christmas. We just chose this as a project to do,” said Tammy Bondurant.

All of this — a community coming together after one good deed nine years ago.

“It tells me that people care. It really shows how much our community cares about each other and how much other people want to help each other.”

“Kendra right here said it’s nice to do something that makes her feel good. It’s kind of a win-win. You get to feel good, and you’re hopefully making a child feel better.”

Coming out of hibernation. “Hoping to make it an annual tradition, and do it every year.”