YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (WDTN) – Mike Spencer has been a close friend to 44-year-old Skip Brown since he was fourteen years old. Thursday, he was in disbelief over what’s happened.

“I miss him,” Mike Spencer said. “I think about him everyday.”

Mike Spencer was fighting back tears Wednesday, as he remembers the man he called his “little brother”.

“We played football together his junior year my senior year and he ended up living with me my senior year of high school,” Spencer said. “I graduated and moved down to Florida he followed. He was like a little brother.”

The two met when Spencer was just 14-years-old. He’s now 46-years-old and in disbelief after learning his friend–44-year-old Skip Brown–was found dead with multiple gun shot wounds Sunday.

Police discovered him inside his home on East Enon Road after first finding his business partner 63-year-old Sherri Mendenhall dead in the driveway. Spencer says he saw Brown as recent as last week.

Jordan: “Did anything seem out of the ordinary?”

Mike: “No, not at all. Just kind of a normal day,” Spencer said. “A normal interaction. He didn’t seem stressed about anything really.”

Friends say Brown had an extensive home security system he installed after some trailers were stolen from his property.

“He had cameras everywhere,” Spencer said. “So there’s not a doubt in my mind that they have something.”

When asked about the cameras, Sheriff Gene Fischer wouldn’t address any questions related to the security systems or the crime scene. Brown’s funeral arrangements are set for Friday in Yellow Springs.