CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows Cleveland police facing gunfire, but what happened next led to an arrest and six officers recently honored for bravery.

Officers arrived for a domestic violence call. Just as they get there and speak to a person outside a home, you hear several shots.

The video shows officers taking cover and yelling, “Shots fired, shots fired,” and, “Back up, back up.”

It happened on a snowy Christmas night along Sackett Avenue in 2020.

Police braced for a shootout.

One officer can be heard saying after the first shots, “We’re all accounted for. Nobody’s hurt. Send other cars now.”

Another then says, “He has a rifle in his hand.”

Then, you hear several more shots fired.

As that happens, an officer warns others, “The male is screaming, ‘I’m ready, let’s go.'”

A different police body camera shows the man walking toward officers while yelling, “Shoot me.”

Police respond with, “Get on the ground.”

At that moment, one officer spotted something that changed everything. The suspect had put his gun down.
That officer yells out, “He doesn’t have anything in his hand.”

Moments later, other officers close to the suspect yell, “Get on the ground. Taser, taser, taser.”

The suspect gets steps away from police and an officer fires a taser instead of bullets. Some officers, then, put handcuffs on the suspect. Others found his gun in the driveway a short distance away.

All of this coming to light now since the officers involved just received awards.

Cleveland police awarded the Medal Of Heroism to officers Kevin Brown and Jessica Wolski. The department awarded the Distinguished Service Medal to officers Molly Madaras, Cassandra Midlik, Heather Lindsay and Chae Simpson.

We also checked on what happened to the suspects since then. Court records show prosecutors indicted him on seven charges. But, just weeks ago, he struck a plea deal. A judge sent him to prison for a year and nine months and he had to give up his guns.

Incredibly, minutes after that violent encounter, police even had a chat with the suspect.

One officer said, “We’re going to get you help.”

Police walked away with some sense of what led the suspect into a showdown with cops at gunpoint on Christmas.

Video shows the suspect also said, “I’m not a felon, dude. I had too much to drink.”

Those awards are among the highest given out in the Cleveland Police Department.