DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – It’s been one year since the City of Dayton starting offering parental leave to it’s employees. Wednesday, they gave an update on the progress.

Dayton is the first major Ohio city to offer paid parental leave to both expecting mother and fathers.

What was considered a pilot program, city leaders now say is a permanent program. It allows full-time and part-time employees, working at least 35 hours a week to take 6 weeks of parental leave.

The City’s Human Resources Department gave an update to commissioners Wednesday, presenting the program so far as a success with little changes needed to be made. Of the program’s participants, 80-percent were men, including Dayton Police Lt. Matt Dickey–who took time off for his and his wife’s first child.

“The follow-up appointments with my wife and with the pediatrician and with a new baby you’re up every few hours and nobody’s sleeping so just having the time off and being able to take care of yourself,” Dickey said. “And take care of your family was a wonderful opportunity.”

The city reports that 64 employees used the program. Of them, 54 were men.