VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) – More discussion Monday night over a proposed Dunkin’ Donuts location in Vandalia. The Vandalia City Council held a work session on the proposal before their meeting Monday night.

The Dunkin’ Donuts would be built at 34 and 42 East National Road. That’s by the intersection of National Road and Perry Street. It’s less than 330 feet from Jim’s Donut shop, a local business that stands at 122 East National Road.

Residents have voiced concern that the Dunkin’ Donuts would take business away from the local shop. However, Pat Gilligan, owner of the franchisee that would operate Dunkin’ Donuts, said that wouldn’t happen.

“We don’t have 100 percent of the market. It’s not possible to have 100 percent of the market,” Gilligan said. “If we have 20 percent of the market, that would be phenomenal. So there’s plenty of business for people to successfully operate. We hope that. We’ve never not hoped that.”

At Monday night’s work session, most of the conversation didn’t center on competition with Jim’s Donut Shop. Instead, it focused on traffic on National Road. Several residents expressed concerns.

One resident said, “That is a terrible corner to get in and out of. We have a hard enough time getting in and out of a couple businesses already up there.”

Another resident said, “My point is it’s a nice facility, it would be nice to have in Vandalia, but it doesn’t fit on that corner.”

The next meeting on the proposed Dunkin’ Donuts location is May 16.