DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A $25 million dollar school project has been approved for 13 acres near Deeds Point. On Wednesday morning, Dayton’s City Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of moving forward with the project.

“I just believe this is a great opportunity for us to track a 25 million dollar investment that will go on to support largely our kids, our families, and so I’m excited about that,” said Dayton City Manager Shelley Dickstein.

City leaders say the school will be a private non-religious place for love income families and students to move towards a more successful direction. Now approved, city leaders say The Connor Group plans to lead development on the school.

The Connor Group officials say the goal is to educate 400-600 students once fully operational. “They have been all over the country looking at best practices, and have put together a model that I believe will be of great benefit to students and to families,” said Dickstein.

The school would also replace The Deeds Dog Park, but Dickstein says the city plans to spend $250,000 from the sale of the land to create a larger and more up-to-date park for dog owners and their pets.

Though subject for change, the goal is to have the private elementary school built by fall of 2022.