DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Children have their own thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic and are asking their parents tough questions.

“It’s a scary time for everyone and kids tend to take after the anxiety and emotions that the parent has,” said Samantha Elder whose 5-year-old, Ellie has been missing school and her friends.

Greta Davis and Makenzi Jordan-Rodriguez have authored and illustrated a book titled SOOOOO Much Toilet Paper. It was written to help parents explain the coronavirus pandemic to children.
It addresses topics such as toilet paper hoarding, essential workers and their needs and how the coronavirus came to spread globally.

“We really wanted to get the message across that instead of being fearful there are things that you can be doing to kind of soothe that concern,” said Davis.

“It’s a really good learning tool to learn how to empathize with these workers who need all of these face masks,” explained Jordan-Rodriguez.

The duo say the book is geared towards children of all ages and reading levels. It features a glossary of terms, and advice for dealing with these difficult times. The proceeds are being donated to INMED Partnerships for Children and United Way

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