DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Wet, hot and humid, all reasons to stay indoors.

One local business in the Miami Valley said this type of weather has families coming in droves.  Scene 75 Entertainment Center staff said business doubles in weather like this and people are coming in by the bus load.

“You’ll be able to drive by and see our parking lot is a little fuller on days like today, especially when the rain happens it’s pretty crazy how our numbers go up big time definitely on days like this,” said Robert Sakosky.

So when riding a bike, going to a park or enjoying the outdoors is not an option indoor entertainment places like Scene 75 can cash in on folks looking for something to do.

“Right now we definitely see families and stuff coming in here especially on days like this where you got so much to offer,’ said Paul Winkler.

Scene 75 Entertainment Center said virtual reality activity will be available soon.