OAKWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – With a population just over 9,000 people, Oakwood is small, tight-knit community with growing families and some of the best performing schools in the county.

But that community has been rocked to it’s core after learning one of their own–20-year-old Brock Turner–was found guilty of 3 felony sexual assault crimes. A judge sentenced Turner to six months in jail — sparking outrage by many on social media.

A Change.org petition to remove the judge from the bench has now gathered more than 700,000 signatures. We reached out the family and knocked on their doors, but there was no answer.

We we’re able to speak with one former neighbor in their old neighborhood — who didn’t want to go on camera — but did say she’s in support of the family. She says she knew the family before this incident and she supports the father’s decision to write to the judge.

In the meantime, a support page was set up on Facebook to help fund the family’s legal fee’s but that page has been taken down. We reached out to the woman who started the page but haven’t heard back.

However, we were able to confirm with Wright-Patt Credit Union that the Turner Family Support Fund does exist. According to the bank, the account is active and in the name of Brock Turner’s father Dan Turner.

We reached out to the family by phone, but have yet to hear from them.