DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Following the passing of American actress and icon Betty White at the age of 99 on New Years Eve, many people have taken to social media with a #BettyWhiteChallege, encouraging others to donate to local animal shelters as a way to honor the late animal lover.

“She was such a huge animal advocate. Although we’re sad that she passed, a lot of donations have come about in our organization, and I’m sure many others in which people have donated to animal shelters or other animal welfare organizations in her honor,” said Montgomery County Business Services Public Information Officer Michael Zimmerman.

The Betty White Challenge has even made its way to The Animal Resource Center of Montgomery County, where donations are always encouraged from the public. “Things we can always use, there are things like plain hotdogs, for giving dogs medication. Things like blankets, things like dog beds. Toys are always in high demand,” said Zimmerman.

With the Resource Center having been stuck at or near capacity for much of the last year, resource center workers say these donations will also help bring smiles to animals faces who’ve already dealt with so much. “To see the dogs faces and the way they sort of light up when they play with a new toy, when they get some new treats, or whatever it might be. We’re so so appreciative of anyone with any sort of help they can give,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is also encouraging people to consider adoptions as a way to really give a nod to The Betty White Challenge. “If you wanna honor Betty White by adopting an animal, we do encourage that, because there are so many dogs in our facility…not only in our facility but there are many animal welfare organizations in the area. The Humane Society, SICSA, and several animal rescues who are all working to do the same thing.”

However, if you do plan on adopting, Zimmerman wants people to be prepared for the responsibility which comes with providing an animal their forever home. “Just be aware that when you come in, the kind of dog you think you’re going to leave with or you think you want might not be the one that’s best for you.”

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