BELLBROOK, Ohio (WDTN) — Throughout the pandemic, families spent more time together at home than ever before. With that extra time, a family who recently moved back to the Miami Valley claims they cracked the code for a more fun and inclusive family game night.

“We saw a dice probability board on a phone and we were like what can we do with this?” said Eve Goeke.

Canoosh is a board game that began as a pandemic project. It is a game of strategy as much as it is luck.

“If you roll the dice and get a number that’s already occupied, you can remove someone from the board which is called “canooshing” someone from the board,” said Jeff Goeke.

After hundreds of tests, the Goeke’s designed, printed, and are now selling the game. They said it is a game everybody can keep up with and everyone enjoys.

7-year-old Jacob Goeke said, “I couldn’t like play Clue and Monopoly and stuff like that so it’s like anybody can play.”

“He’s 7 years old and we know people who are 70 years old that like the game too,” said Katie Goeke, their mother.

The Goeke’s said this pandemic project has created a new level of bonding.

“It brings everyone together whether it’s to knock someone off the board or teaming up to knock someone off the board. I think it’s just really fun,” Claire said.

“For me as a father to see the kids engage with having an idea, executing the idea, and seeing it be successful is really important,” Jeff said.